I didn't come all the way from Norway to slack off.


After graduating at the top of my class I had the fortune of landing a position at DDB Canada as an Art Director. Working there I saw my work recognized at the ADCC, Communication Arts, BestAdsOnTV, Applied Arts, the Cassies and the London international Awards. 


To sum up what I've been doing for the past 15 years, here's my resume's short version:

Art Director, DDB Canada

Bachelor in Creative Advertising, Humber College

Recruitment Officer, Norwegian Army
(Summers of 2007/2008)

Sales Manager, Electronics (Norway)

Squad Sergeant, Norwegian Army


You can download the full PDF resume here.

Or just visit me on Linkedin.


Now I spend my time building a website that makes life easier for Art Directors in the ad industry. It allows agencies to connect directly with freelance artists and see when they are available. There's only storyboard artists there now, but photographers, retouchers and others are coming next. You'll find the world's best storyboard artists here.

When I'm not working you'll find me running my blog on tabletop games or out hiking.

Feel free to get in touch.